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Bower Community Garden Plots

All Garden Plots Are now booked

for 2024 - thank you!

Twelve raised community plots are available for residents. Bower Community Garden Plot Program allows an opportunity for residents to provide home-grown food for their families. It also provides a space to meet community members while enjoying and being active outdoors.

Thank YOu to ENVIRO CONTAINERS AND RECYCLING SOLUTIONS OF INNISFAIL for donating the water container for the gardens, and to The City of Red Deer for keeping the water container full of water for the gardeners.
The cost to book a garden plot is $25 for the season. The plots are available first to Bower residents until April 15th and then it will be open to other Red Deer residents. Garden season is from May 1st (or earlier, depending on the weather) to Oct 15th.  Book your garden plot now.
For Garden Plot booking inquiries, contact or by completing the following Garden Plot Inquiry form.
Garden Plot Inquiry

Thank you! We will be in touch!

  • Where are the Bower Community Gardens located?
    The gardens are located at 460 Barrett Drive in the green space across from the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses and Bower Mall. Google Map
  • How many plots are available?
    12 plots are available.
  • What is the rental season?
    May 1 (or sooner weather if weather permits)-October 15
  • What is the cost for a garden plot for the garden season?
    The cost is $25.00.
  • What is the method of payment?
    Currently, the Bower Place Community Association takes etransfer or cheque. Details will be provided once a plot rental is approved. Etransfers can be sent to
  • Can residents outside of the Bower community rent a plot?
    Yes, if plots are available. Bower residents have priority until April 15. You can email to request to be in a wait list. Preference may be given to past renters. This is subject to change.
  • Will water be available?
    The Bower Place Community Association plans to provide water for garden users. Thank you Enviro Containers and Recycling Solutions of Innisfail for donating the water tank. The City of Red Deer fills the container. The tank will be set up May 1.
  • How can animals be deterred?
    Suggestions for garden plots to deter animals (approved by the City of Red Deer) include: - Planting chives, onions, pungent smelling herbs (mint, hyssop, etc) and flowers that are unappealing to deer around the outside or your beds. Often these plants help to deter other invertebrate pests as well. - Using homemade repellents that include garlic and other organic, garden safe pungents (nothing poisonous or harmful in any way to wildlife or humans) - Put flashy items on sticks and posts in your bed to scare off wildlife - Use wire mesh such as chicken wire around the inside of your garden bed
  • Are there plans to expand the gardens?
    The Board of Directors and the City of Red Deer are communicating about expanding the gardens. There is not a formal plan. If you have any ideas, please email
  • When was the community garden built?
    June 2020
  • Who owns and operates the Community Gardens?
    The City of Red Deer owns the gardens and provided material and labour to build the plots. The Bower Place Community Association operates the gardens and volunteers from the community helped build the plots.
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